Terms and Conditions


Version 1.0

February 10, 2021
Final Template Published

FAR ehf. Reg. nr. 550321-2030, Miðbraut 13, 170 Seltjarnarnes, Iceland. Doing business as “Rent a Tesla – Iceland” (from now on referred to as the “Company”) shall rent out a vehicle (from now on referred to as “Rental Car”) to the Renter, and the Renter shall rent the Rental Car from the Company, all in accordance with the provisions in this Terms and Conditions. Matters not prescribed in the “Terms and Conditions” and Detailed Regulations shall be handled in accordance with laws and regulations or general customs. The Company may accept special agreements, as long as they do not infringe upon these Terms and Conditions and Detailed Regulations, laws and regulations and general customs. If a special provision is made, such provision shall take precedence over these Terms and Conditions. AGE REQUIREMENT At the time of signing, a valid driver’s license must be presented, and it must have been held for at least 12 months by the Renter. The Renter must be at least 23 years old to rent a car from Rent A Tesla – Iceland. RENTAL PERIOD Rent A Tesla’s minimum rental term is 24 hours. It is considered a full day when the drop-off time is one hour or more after the pick-up time. Reservation and Cancelations The Renter may make a reservation by agreeing to the Company’s rate table and indicating in advance the kind and class of vehicle, the purpose of use, starting date and time of rental period, rental location, rental term, return location, driver, and the need for kid safety equipment. When the Company receives a reservation request from the Renter, the Company will accept the reservation if it falls within the range of Tesla Vehicles that the Company owns and the rental conditions that the Company has accepted in principle. Unless the Company exempts the Renter, he or she must pay the Company an application fee for the reservation as directed by the Company. The Renter may cancel a reservation after obtaining the Company’s approval, and it is considered cancelled if the procedure for concluding the Rental Car Rental Agreement is not started within one (1) hour of the rental start time mentioned in the reservation owing to the Renter’s circumstances. When the procedure for concluding the Rental Car Rental Agreement has not begun within one (1) hour of the rental start time given in the reservation due to the Renter’s circumstances, the reservation shall be deemed to have been cancelled. RISK, DELIVERY AND RETURN From the date and time of delivery of the Rental Vehicle until it is returned to Rent A Tesla – Iceland, the Renter is solely responsible for the Rental Vehicle. The Renter agrees to return the Rental Vehicle in the same condition in which it was received, with the exception of normal wear and tear. On the expiration or termination of this Agreement, the Renter will return the Rental Vehicle to our authorized agent at the collection address specified in the Agreement. Renter acknowledges that failure to return the Rental Vehicle in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will result in a breach of the Agreement and illegal possession by Renter, and the Company reserves the right to report the Rental Vehicle as stolen and/or repossess the Rental Vehicle wherever it may be found and from whoever is in possession thereof. You will: (i) Park the Rental Vehicle at Rent A Tesla – Iceland authorized parking; (ii) Ensure that the Rental Vehicle is securely locked and safe; (iii) Hand the keys of the Rental Vehicle to an authorized representative of Rent A Tesla when Rent A Tesla’s offices are open for business; Leave the keys in a particular wallet in the car outside of business hours or if agreed in written communication with Rent a Tesla – Iceland. Until Rent A Tesla – Iceland has recorded the return of the Rental Vehicle, the sole risk of loss or damage to the Rental Vehicle shall rest with Renter. It is always possible to return early. No refunds are available for unused or partially used car rental vouchers unless revisions or cancellations are made before the pick-up date. USE OF THE VEHICLE Unless the vehicle is hired with the owner’s knowledge for use in a passenger service licensed, the Renter shall not use or enable the vehicle to be used to transport passengers for hire or reward. The Renter may not sublet or hire the vehicle to anybody else without first obtaining permission from Rent A Tesla – Iceland; The Renter may not allow the vehicle to be used without his or her consent, or operate the car or allow it to be used in circumstances that are illegal (such as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs); The Renter shall not operate or allow the vehicle to be used in any race, speed test, reliability trial, rally or contest, or on any race or rally circuit or in any event as a pace-maker or testing in preparation for any of them; The Renter shall not drive or allow the vehicle to be operated on any roads excluded in the terms and conditions, or on any beach, driveway, or surface likely to damage the vehicle; the Renter shall not allow the vehicle to be driven by any person who is not named or described in the Agreement as a person permitted to drive the vehicle; and the Renter shall not operate or allow the vehicle to be operated to propel or tow any other vehicle. Renter’s Obligations The Renter shall ensure that:

  1. When driving and parking the vehicle, all necessary precautions are used;
  2. The battery level of the car is always kept above a 5% charge;
  3. The tyres are kept at the correct pressure;
  4. When the vehicle is not in use, it is locked and secured, and the keys are kept under the Renter’s custody at all times;
  5. There is no interference with the distance meter or speedometer;
  6. There is no interference with the batteries, powertrain, brakes, or suspension systems;
  7. If a warning light illuminates or the Renter suspects that the vehicle requires mechanical repair, the Renter will immediately stop driving and notify the owner;
  8. All drivers authorized to use this vehicle throughout the rental period are aware of and abide by the Rental Agreement’s conditions; and
  9. Any authorized driver has their driver’s license in the vehicle and will show it to any enforcement officer on demand.

Rent A Tesla’s Obligations The Rental Vehicle must be delivered in a safe and roadworthy condition that meets current Certificate of Fitness requirements. Mechanical Repairs and Accidents If the Rental Vehicle is involved in an accident, is damaged, breaks down, or requires repair or salvage, the Renter must promptly notify Rent a Tesla – Iceland by email, chat or phone of the exact circumstances. The Renter must also report the mishap to the police station. The Renter shall not arrange or undertake any repairs or salvage without the owner’s authority (this includes, but is not limited to, purchasing a replacement tyre) except to the extent that repairs or salvage are necessary to prevent further damage to the vehicle or other property. 24 Hour Roadside Assistance is free for all inherent mechanical faults (as determined by the owner or its authorized repairer) related to the vehicle specified in the Rental Document. A service fee will be charged for all other roadside assistance call-outs, including emergency battery charging, jump start, tyre-related incidents, and lost key cards. If the vehicle requires repair or replacement, the decision to supply another vehicle to the Renter is at the owner’s sole discretion. DEPOSIT A deposit is required at the start of the rental and to cover the liability excess and any charges incurred during the rental. A valid major credit card will be required in most cases and must be in the main driver’s name. Provided the car and extras are returned in the same state as rented and in accordance with the battery charging policy, this deposit will be refunded after dropping the car off (please note that it may take 14 days for the money to appear on your credit card again). Vehicles are rented out with a minimum 80% battery charge and are to be returned with at least an 80% charge. If the vehicle is not returned with at least an 80% charge, the vehicle will be charged, and this money will be deducted from the deposit. The cost will be according to the current price at the net available Tesla Supercharger, and there may be an admin cost involved. LIABILITY The Renter is liable for:

  1. Any loss of, or damage to, the vehicle and its accessories;
  2. Any consequential damage, loss or costs incurred by the owner, including salvage costs, loss of ability to re-hire and loss of revenue; and
  3. Any loss of, or damage to, vehicles and property of third parties arising during the term of hire.

INSURANCE The amount of third-party liability is equal to the amount specified under Icelandic legislation at the time. This also relates to the amount of personal culpability for each motorist. Third-party coverage and personal injury insurance are included in the rental price and the self-risk liability amount listed below. If the Renter causes damage to a third-party vehicle without causing damage to the rented vehicle, the third-party liability is ISK 120.000 in total. EXTENSION OF RENTAL PERIOD The Renter shall have the option to extend the Rental Period orally at any point throughout the initial period. This extension will only be valid if Rent a Tesla – Iceland confirms it in writing. TERMINATION If Renter breaches this Agreement, Rent A Tesla – Iceland has the right to terminate this Agreement. Rent A Tesla – Iceland will after that be entitled to the immediate return of the Rental Vehicle, and any sum owed by the Renter to Rent A Tesla – Iceland will become due and payable immediately. Both parties’ rights and duties under this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect until the Rental Vehicle is returned to Rent A Tesla – Iceland in accordance with the terms of this Rental Agreement and Renter has fulfilled all of Renter’s responsibilities hereunder. INDEMNITY Except as otherwise provided by law and assuming no negligence on Rent A Tesla’s part, Rent A Tesla – Iceland will not be liable for any damage, injury, or death resulting from any defect in or mechanical failure of the Rental Vehicle, nor for any loss or damage to any property transported in or left in the Rental Vehicle, nor for any damages, injury, death, consequential loss, loss of profits, or any other damages which the Renter or the Driver or any other person may suffer as a result of any defect in or mechanical failure of the Rental Vehicle GENERAL

  1. Renter understands that Rent A Tesla – Iceland retains ownership of the Rental Vehicle at all times.
  2. Renter will not be permitted to cede or assign any of Renter’s rights or responsibilities under this Agreement, nor will Renter be allowed to sublet or give up control of the Rental Vehicle.
  3. The cost of battery charging is not included in the rental price. On returning the Rental Vehicle to Rent A Tesla – Iceland, we will charge battery levels above 80% for all Rental Vehicles.
  4. The Renter is not entitled to make any repairs to the Rental Vehicle, including replacing tyres.
  5. If the Renter is not the driver, the Renter and the Driver will be jointly and severally liable to Rent a Tesla – Iceland for all and/or any sums outstanding under this Agreement, without affecting the Renter’s responsibilities under this Agreement.
  6. Please be warned that despite Rent A Tesla’s best efforts, Rent A Tesla – Iceland cannot guarantee the availability of the Rental Vehicle to Renter at any given moment owing to unforeseen circumstances. If Rent A Tesla – Iceland cannot do so, Rent A Tesla – Iceland will make other arrangements until the Rental Vehicle can be made available to Renter.
  7. Except as expressly indicated in these Terms and Conditions, any additions or modifications to these Terms and Conditions will be null and invalid unless Rent A Tesla – Iceland agrees in writing.
  8. Renter agrees that Rent A Tesla – Iceland has the right to sue Renter for any reason related to this Rental Agreement.
  9. Renter will select the address at which he or she will receive notices for all purposes under these Rental Terms and Conditions, which will be the address provided in the Agreement.
  10. Unless otherwise stipulated by law, this document contains the entire Agreement between Renter and Rent A Tesla – Iceland concerning the matters contained herein, and Rent A Tesla – Iceland any undertakings will not bind, representations, warranties, promises, or the like not recorded herein.
  11. Each clause of these terms and conditions is agreed to be severable from the others, and if any clause is found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason by any competent Court, the remaining clauses will remain in full force and effect.
  12. These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Iceland.
  13. No extension, relaxation, or other leniencies given or allowed by Rent A Tesla – Iceland can mean that other rights may not be enforced.

YOU have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement. YOUR attention has been drawn to the following important clauses:

  1. The Rental Vehicle is rented at Renter’s sole risk
  2. Renter agrees to pay Rent A Tesla all amounts owing in this Agreement.
  3. Renter shall indemnify Rent A Tesla – Iceland from liability in certain circumstances.