Frequently asked questions

What does the rental price include?

Unlimited Mileage, VAT, CDW, and TP are always included in the price.

Is there a deposit required?

We do not charge a deposit, but we do need a valid credit card prior to renting out the vehicle.

What is the minimun rental period?

The minimum rental period is 3 days.

What documents are required to rent a car?

A valid driver’s license and a credit card are required.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) and PayPal upon request.

Driving a Tesla (in Iceland)

Where can I charge?

Iceland has a closed network of Tesla Superchargers, meaning you can drive the entire ring road without having to worry about where to charge next.

How do I charge a Tesla vehicle?

If you are planning on using a Supercharger the battery must be pre-conditioned to give you the fastest and most efficient (cheapest) charging rate. To do so simply select the supercharger in the navigation, and the car will take care of the rest.

Tesla will automatically factor in stops at Superchargers while going from A to B. i.e. if you are going from Reykjavik to Akureyri your car will automatically schedule a stop halfway and the battery will be pre-conditioned prior to your arrival.


What kind of damages are not covered by insurance?

Following damages will not be covered by insurance:

  • Damages caused by the driver’s negligence, drunk driving or driving into water, off-road tracks and terrains unsuitable for these vehicles
  • Sand storms, ashes damages. In case of SAAP, that will be covered.
  • Tire damages
  • Mechanical damages such as clutch or other parts, which may occur due to the renter’s misuse of
  • Damages to the interior of the vehicle

What charges are not covered by insurance?

The insurance will not cover the following charges

  • Repairing costs that were incurred due to the renter’s negligence
  • Cost of misplacing accessories, including a car key or a GPS unit
  • Speeding fines, parking fees, taxes and tunnel fees etc.
  • Towing cost, in case it is required due to the driver’s own mistake.

Do you provide insurance with no liability?

Our Gold insurance package includes a zero liability waiver for 7.900 ISK /per day.